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What You Need to Know About the Honey Certification Process

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When it comes to testing honey for authenticity, not just any lab analysis will do. That’s because most testing methods aren’t effective enough at detecting multiple additives and fillers such as starchy syrups. They are limited to screening for a single marker at a time. They’re also really slow at producing results, making it very easy for food fraudsters to stay one step ahead. That is until now.

Dr. Peter Awram from the True Honey Buzz company recently developed the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). This system really sets the standard for honey testing by identifying all organic molicules in every sample, generating a “fingerprint.” Through this type of lab ananlyis, inspectors can tell which part of the country and what flowers the bees visited to create their unique honey. Scammers don’t stand chance because this method is basically bulletproof.

The key to this process working for the long term is to build a database of samples. The more samples they collect, the more they have to compare fake vs pure honey. This way legit honey producers can stay one step ahead of honey “launderers”. With that in mind, Dr. Awram encourages all beekeepers to send in samples for testing.

Which is exactly what the Botanist Choice does with every batch of honey. We take pride in doing our part to protect you, the consumer, from fraudulent honey. We also take pride in protecting our pollinators.

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