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Hive Talkin’

The best way to describe our raw honey is “as it exists in the beehive”.
It’s extracted from honeycombs and then poured over mesh fabric to sift out wax and other organic materials. Once strained, our honey is ready to enjoy as nature intended. Each jar offers a unique flavor experience derived from the symbiotic relationship between flower and bee. Conversely, most store-bought products use processing methods that degrade honey’s natural flavours and health benefits. Or worse, it’s cut with corn syrup and other additives. Unfortunately, this kind of misrepresentation often goes undetected by consumers.

So, if harmonizing with nature is important to you, go with the Botanist Choice.

It is a long story

Why Honey?

Honey has been around for thousands of years, and still...

For the honey to become a premium quality we use only the best beehives.

Once strained, raw honey is jarred and ready to enjoy.

What You Need to Know About the Honey Certification Process

Tested and True

When it comes to testing honey for authenticity, not just any lab analysis will do.
That’s because most testing methods aren’t effective enough at detecting multiple additives and fillers such as starchy syrups. They are limited to screening for a single marker at a time. They’re also really slow at producing results, making it very easy for food fraudsters to stay one step ahead.

That is until now...

Product Traceability

We are the First Blockchain Certified Canadian Honey Company

Based on blockchain technology we have developed the tools for our customers that allow them to follow the journey of the honeybee collecting honey from the flowers to receiving it on your doorstep. By scanning the QR codes on our honey jars, customers are able to validate the authenticity of our products and the sustainability of our practices...
Our Products


We offer the ultimate Western Canada natural honey experience.
Single Jar 500g

Family Edition

The most delicious natural raw honey.
Single Jar 300g

Single Licence Edition

The most delicious natural raw honey.
Single Jar 300g, Present Packaging

For Honey Lovers

The most delicious natural raw honey.
3 x 60g Jars, Present Packaging

Multiple User Edition

The most delicious natural raw honey.
The Great North Strong and Sweet

Why Canadian Honey is Considered Superior on the World Stage

Open any cupboard in any home across Canada, and chances are you’ll find a jar of honey. Yep, Canadians love their honey. And we’re not the only ones who revere nature’s beloved nectar. High quality, Canadian-produced honey is enjoyed in more than 25 different countries all over the world. But perhaps no more so than in the States.
The Buzz on Bogus Honey

How Nature’s Beloved Sweetener Is Faked and Why You Should Care

Did you know that honey is the third most faked food in the world? That’s one of the major findings in a study published by the Journal of Food Science. For consumers, this means all that the so-called “honey” they see in supermarket aisles might actually be diluted with corn syrup and other artificial additives.
Little Big Miracle Makers

Why it's important to protect pollinators

Imagine a world without beautiful flowers or fresh produce. That’s what it would be like if we didn’t have bees. These beloved pollinators play a vital role in our global food supply. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), “75% of the world’s food crops depend on pollinators like bees.” From an economic standpoint, they are vital too. In fact, it’s estimated that honeybees, alone, pollinate $30 billion worth of food crops annually.

Preserving Integrity

From Pollination to Packaging: Our honey is about living authentically without sacrificing the finer things in life...
What They Say

Clients Testimonials

None of this would make any sense without people who enjoy our products and hearing them talking is a real pleasure. Thanks for reaching out!
Anna Smith

I just wanted to congratulate you guys on both the vision and the execution of the honey project. Everything tastes amazing and the overall design is spot on. Botanist Choice is definitely my favourite honey!

Anna Smith

Jessie Hill

I feel privileged to be one of your early customers. Love everything about Botanist Choice! Look forward to seeing your future products. Please keep me in the loop:)

Jessie Hill

Gail Hanson

What a great idea to include blokchain technology as traceability platform! I hope more companies adopt this and provide more transparency about their products and services! Congrats for being the first blockchain certified Canadian honey!

Gail Hanson

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